AFTAs 2016: Most Cutting-Edge IT Initiative: Buy Side—Blackstone

Blackstone is no stranger to the AFTAs winners’ circle. The $350 billion New York-based asset manager won the best IT integration initiative in the 2014 AFTAs, while in 2013 it won the most cutting-edge IT initiative, and Bill Murphy, the firm’s CTO, was…

FX Feeds’ Sudden Evolutionary Leap

Firms' best execution requirements and desire to expand strategies into FX markets are creating demand for a new breed of high-performance FX datafeeds.

Buy-Side Technology Awards 2016: Winners' Circle—S3 Partners

S3 Partners’ Blacklight came out on top in the data analytics category in this year’s Buy-Side Technology Awards. Robert Sloan, managing partner for S3 Partners, talks with Dan DeFrancesco about how the firm was able to separate itself from other…