Looking for Innovation in the World of Ideas

Wearable sensory technology, and a self-critical approach to methods of managing data are just two elements out there that can keep data operations sharp. Michael examines how these can enhance intuitions about financial data.

Regulators Are Holding All the Cards, But Will They Play Them?

After years of rigorous sell-side regulations, the buy side is experiencing its turn in the spotlight as the eventual implementation of Mifid II approaches, but John thinks the European regulators need to decide on a more clearly defined position.

October 2016: Where Do Startups Go to Die?

When it comes to survival as a fintech startup, Victor says, it's all about sales. If, as the CEO of a startup, you do not spend every hour of every day focusing on sales, you and your business will fail. Period.

September 2016: Blockchain’s Limits

As summer winds down, Anthony looks ahead to an upcoming feature that will take a hard look at the benefits and pitfalls of distributed-ledger technology.

Risk and Performance Reporting Alliance

The incorporation of the risk function into performance reporting and analysis is the outcome of a series of developments triggered by market volatility and regulation.